. Care for Your Incision the Right Way.

Get plenty of rest.


Inspect Your Incision. com. A herniated disk can irritate or compress nearby nerves and cause pain, numbness or weakness.


If for some reason you have not received this by one week following surgery, call the office 919-781-9555 to clarify. At this appointment, your doctor will give you instructions on driving, returning to work, and medications. When your appetite returns, have a light meal such as soup or cottage cheese.

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You can remove the eye patch or shield on the night of surgery in order to insert your eye drops.

The two primary procedures used to treat pilonidal cysts include.

Aug 24, 2015 · Your first post surgery appointment will take place within 1-7 days after your surgery. .

. Nov 29, 2020 · Post-Op.

your mobility.
However, if the infection is severe, you may need surgery.

We generally recommend that you not use a bath to get the incision wet for two to three weeks after surgery.



. 3. Medically reviewed by Jason DelCollo, DO. . https://spectrum-aesthetics.


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Most orthopedic procedures require extensive physical therapy after surgery.

incision wet for four or five days after surgery.

Prevent Infection.

Even if you have completed treatment, you will likely have follow-up visits with your doctor for many years.

When you wake up, you will feel very groggy and perhaps nauseated.