Salary range: $70,000-120,000+ annually.


. Installation, Maintenance, and Repair 7.

May 5, 2023 · Recent analysis of studies comparing intent to leave to actual turnover show that both jumped meaningfully over the course of 2021.

Nursing offers more stable employment, a broader range of career options, and higher pay than Engineering.

Oct 27, 2022 · Registered nurses at the start of their careers will usually make less than nurses with more years of experience under their belts. In 2012, nurses received average annual pay of $69,490 in general medical and surgical hospitals and $62,120 per year in doctors' offices, according to the BLS. .

People can disagree but that is my experience.

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. Nurse Educator - $82,040.


As you improve your skills and progress in your career, you can expect to see your wages improve as well.

. If you take a CRNA, statistically the highest paid nurse, earns an average of $160,000, depending on how much, whe.

1. I’m not necessarily suggesting a nurse should make less just that relative to an engineers pay it is high.

Statistics aside, I've dated two nurses and as an engineer I made slightly 2x their salary.
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DO NOT go from Engineering to Nursing.

Mechanical Engineers vs Nurses overview. . <span class=" fc-smoke">Jun 28, 2020 · Clinical Nurse Specialist.

. . Aug 29, 2022 · In fact, nurses are substantially more likely to earn high incomes than engineers. 5 percent of. . .

Still, these professions can earn over 200k after.

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Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) hold at least a master's degree in nursing with a CNS track in one of several medical specialties, such as oncology, geriatrics, cardiology, etc.

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Nov 20, 2017 · Creating dual-degree programs will result in the development of nurse-scientists and nurse-engineers who lead patient care into the future.